Want to be a Cannon Runner? Here's How!
Limit 2 Booklets Per Person,
Limit 2 Tickets Dropped Off Per Stop Per Person

Head into any one of our 66 Cannon Run Stops and purchase your Cannon Run Party Admission Ticket for $30. You are now a Cannon Runner!

Along with your admission ticket you will receive* a Cannon Run Booklet with one card for each of the 66 Cannon Run Stops, a map that includes the stop list and instructions, and an admission ticket for the Run 2 The Hill Party, held on June 7th & 8th, 2019.

In your Cannon Run Booklet find and complete your registration ticket, pull out the Cannon Run ticket for the location you are at and hand both to the bartender.

All tickets dropped off will be collected for giveaway prize drawings at the Cannon Run Party. The drawing takes place on Saturday, August 17th at 2:30 pm on the Cannon Run party grounds at Bunker Hill.

There are 66 Cannon Run Stops, 33 in the North and 33 in the South. Win in the North, Win in the South or cross the border and Win in Both!

This is your Cannon Run, make as many stops as you wish. Your chances of Winning are Greater With Every Stop You Make!


*with no consideration

Scratch Off Tickets

When you drop off a Cannon Run card at any one of the 66 stops and make one purchase of any kind you will receive one Scratch-Off Ticket. That ticket will show one of these five symbols: a Classic Car, a Cannonball, a Cannon, A Route 66 Shield, or a Pig.

If your Scratch-Off reveals a Cannonball, Cannon, or  Route 66 Shield bring it to the Cannon Run Party to be entered into a separate drawing for the corresponding prize! If a car is revealed bring your ticket to one of our 6 bonus Burnout Stops for a chance to win a Classic Car!

Scavenger Hunt

Every week during the run  you can find four Scavenger Hunt items, each located at a different stop. When you spot the Cannonballs, the Cannon, or Edith The Pig ask the bartender for an extra ticket. Bring that ticket to the Cannon Run Party to be entered into our Scavenger Hunt Drawing with the chance to win 16 cash prizes, totaling $4,000!

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